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Welcome to Celebrity Fakes

Introduction to the Art of Celebrity Faking

Fact: There have been and always will be celebrities in existence that won't ever reveal their entire bodies to the camera, and because of this they are the ones people have the most desire to see naked.

This reality was a perpetually cruel irony until the dawn of the digital age and the birth of the Internet. It was then some people began to create fakes of their favorite celebrities and post them online, saying they weren't fake at all. Others created their own groups specifically to share fakes with each other as a shared art form.

Wanting to discourage the former and encourage the latter, I created this website specifically for celebrity fakes and celebrity fakes only back in 1997. Every image you will find here is fake. Nothing is real. Most celebrities whose fake images are collected here, have no real nude photos in existence and never will, but fantasies are bountiful and the desires for artistic nudes and porn are endless so I collect every fake I find and make them easily available to all here, who are old enough of course, to enjoy for themselves.

My goal has always been to have the largest collection of celebrity fakes in the world, making them easily available to everyone everywhere to access as freely, quickly, and easily as possible. I want everyone to be able to enjoy the great works digital mashup artists have produced for the world and if so interested to learn to create their own fakes to share with others.

I can't stress enough that these fakes are in no way true representations of the celebrities or the activities they engage in. They are merely artists' depictions of their own fantasies of the celebrities they love and adore most.

Thank you for visiting and I do hope you enjoy the many fantasies collected here that have been created for you as parodies of a frustratingly clothed reality.