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Learn How to Fake: Tutorial by fredd38

The Making of a Fake

by fredd38

This fake and tutorial was made on February 9th, 1999. The pictures are thumbnails to fullsize pics. I donīt go deep into the various methods, this tutorial is more meant to inspire you to experiment and play with your photomanipulation programs. One such program is Paint Shop Pro 5 by JASC, although for this tutorial Adobe Photoshop 5.0 was used.


This fake is an example of how you can make a fake where the two headshots are in totally different angles. You donīt need a perfect hs match to make a fake. You can make the match better yourself. These are the two basepictures.
tutorial_ryder02.jpg Here I have masked out Winonaīs head and placed it where I want it. As you can see the angles donīt match. What's important here though, is that the shadow on Winona's head is on the correct side of the face. The colormatch was made by underpainting combined with a channel/curve match. It doesnīt really matter what colormatching method you use as long as you get it right :-) . The eyes, eyebrows, mouth and nostrils were colorset and sharpened on a separate layer.
tutorial_ryder03.jpg Time to match the head and the body. With this fake there isnīt the usual problem with getting a seamless transition between hs and body. Here we have water covering all that area. I just copied the yellowmark area from the bs and pasted it on a layer above the hs. the area marked with the arrow was made by taking water from the bs and pasting it on a layer above the hs. I also used the clonetool here.
tutorial_ryder04.jpg Time for taking away the original girl's head. the yellowmarking shows what area I will add bg water to. I also make it easier by just keeping the rope. I do all this wateradding work on a new layer so that I donīt risk messing up the original pic. I mostly use copy and paste here . I took water from the bg and moved it into the areas where I wanted to cover the girl and other boat details. I used masks here but you can just as easily use the eraser. I also used clonebrush; soft, quite large and on 80-100 opacity.
tutorial_ryder05.jpg These two pics show the bg-making in progress. As you can see, I still have the headshot on a layer of its own so that I donīt have to think about it while I do the bg. This is what I call the headless stage :-)

Time for correcting the lighting of the face. I do a little more color correction at this stage. I also resize the headshot down 2%. I then copy the hs to a new layer. That new layerīs mode is then set to multiply. I use the opacity of that mode to get the shadowcolor right. I usually end up with that mode in less than 10% opacity.

The yellowmarked area is made lighter to simulate that the sun is shining on that part of the face.

tutorial_ryder07.jpg Here we have the original pictures side by side with the Winona fake. The actual fake is finished at this stage.

Finally I finish with the logo and name work. The Poo logo is bend with the 3D filter in PS5. The Winona name was made by using the innershadow effect of PS5. The name and the guild logo was distorted to get their new shapes. The fake is now finished. I do a final noiseadding to different parts of the ocean. I also add more waterdrops and watersplash to the neckarea.

Fake finished. Time: about 2 hours (with the tutorialpics incl) Program used : Photoshop 5.0



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